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12/21/2007 Photo Spotlight for 12/21/2007 Location: Princeton, IN
Description: CSXT V532. The train arrived around 8:00am and as soon as it did the crew time was out. So the coal mine is waiting for a new crew. Photo taken with permission.
12/7/2007 Photo Spotlight for 12/7/2007 Location: Princeton, IN
Description: An old war bonnet is in charge of this NS train 283 as they set out some cars on the East end of the Princeton yard.
12/5/2007 Photo Spotlight for 12/5/2007 Location: Haubstadt, IN
Description: Barn in Haubstadt.
11/23/2007 Photo Spotlight for 11/23/2007 Location: Oakland City, IN
Description: Indiana Southern is loading a NS LG&E train the NS power is waiting at AW&W yard
11/9/2007 Photo Spotlight for 11/9/2007 Location: Princeton, IN
Description: It must be lonely being a grain elevator switcher.
10/28/2007 Photo Spotlight for 10/28/2007 Location: Cynthiana, IN
Description: This large grain elevator at Cynthiana IN is owned by Cargill. Cargill shut the elevator down and is now being least to a local farmer for storage. The old Alco has not been used since the elevator shut down.
10/21/2007 Photo Spotlight for 10/21/2007 Location: Jeffersonville, IN
Description: MG Rail, Inc 2001 is backing into Consolidated Grain & Barge.
10/14/2007 Photo Spotlight for 10/14/2007 Location: North Vernon, IN
Description: The Madison Railroad is ready to interchange with the CSX at North Vernon.
10/7/2007 Photo Spotlight for 10/7/2007 Location: Petersburg, IN
Description: Indiana Southern South of Ashby yard North local/GPC crew is making up a train to go South.
9/30/2007 Photo Spotlight for 9/30/2007 Location: Evansville, IN
Description: Union Pacific 4019 has a mixed freight train entering Howell yard. With Ritz hill in the background.
9/23/2007 Photo Spotlight for 9/23/2007 Location: Buckskin, IN
Description: The train is moving about 1 MPH as it is being loaded at the Somerville South mine loadout. The Big earth mover is in radio contact with the loadout.
9/16/2007 Photo Spotlight for 9/16/2007 Location: Evansville, IN
Description: A southbound CSX train entering Howell yard.
9/9/2007 Photo Spotlight for 9/9/2007 Location: Evansville, IN
Description: CSX intermodal at St. James curve. In the background you can see I-64.
9/2/2007 Photo Spotlight for 9/2/2007 Location: Evansville, IN
Description: Southbound run on the approach trestle to the Ohio River Bridge.
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